A less intrusive alternative to electronic bracelets or on site police monitoring, this app informs the police and health officials if a quarantined person (QP) leaves the quarantine site. To ensure that the phone is not left at home while the QP goes out of the house, a random selfie request is sent to the phone. Alerts are sent when a QP turns off their phone, disconnects the internet or stops the app. Reminders for daily health checks are sent until the quarantine period is completed.


License Tracker Report

Tells you how many more licenses are available to use.

QP Movement Report

Shows the movement of the quarantined person/s.

Where is QP Report

Shows the current location of the quarantined person/s.

QP Summary Report

Shows the summary and details of movement and violations of the quarantined person/s.

QP Completed Summary Report

Lists all individuals who completed quarantine and the details of their movement and violations.

QP Selfie Monitoring

Show all the selfies submitted by the quarantined person.

QP Health Checker Report

Shows the replies to the daily health checker.

QP Violation Report

Shows all the violations of the quarantined person/s.